Waveney Precision Ltd is one of the few specialist precision engineering companies that combine the plant and expertise to provide both EDM wire and EDM sinking capabilities.

Controlled on 5 axis, wire EDM technology enables the economic production of complex forms that cannot conventionally be produced in a single piece. As a non-contact process, no stress is placed on the component, enabling high tolerances to be achieved, avoiding distortion and leaving a surface that requires minimal additional finishing

The Advantages of EDM Wire and Die Sink:

The Machining of Complex Geometric Forms

Complex, contoured shapes can be produced in one piece rather than several, in the exact configuration that is required, which can eliminate or reduce fixture and tooling costs for one of a kind or low run production parts.

The Rapid, Economic Production of Prototypes and Low Run Parts

Because hardened materials can be EDM eroded, the need for the heat treatment of machined parts is eliminated, avoiding potential distortion.

Machining to Tight Tolerances, Avoiding Distortion and Stress

Very low machining forces allow tight tolerances of up to 2 microns to be achieved. With little or no stress imparted into the work only light clamping is necessary. Thin materials can also be machined without distortion.

The Accurate and Economic Machining of Exotic Materials

Absolute Consistency between Machined Parts.

Wire EDM cutting is a highly efficient method of accurately producing prototype parts, making the trial stamping of parts whose final shape is not yet determined unnecessary.

Very thin parts which are difficult to blank on a press can be produced in quantities of over 10 to a few hundred when stock sheets stacked together are machined.

Operating with a wire electrode as fine as 0.1mm diameter, we can provide a radius of 0.05 mm, reducing many man-hours in machining work.

The machining of extremely accurate holes in hardened plates and the machining of geometrically undefined shapes such as cams, gears, splines and free curves are also effectively achieved


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