We have many years experience in press tool design and manufacture, including progression, compound, transfer and multi-slide tooling. 

High accuracy makes Waveney Precision Ltd EDM technology highly suitable for cutting die, punches, stripper plate, punch plate and other die components. 

We can take a job through from the research and development of the initial prototype through to final production. 

Competitive pricing, coupled with assured quality and delivery, maintains our position as world-class toolmakers. 

Extrusion dies for aluminium products, rubber parts, and plastic components can be directly machined by programming from die blue print. 

Accurate positioning and the production of the smooth machined surfaces, required for the matching of parting surfaces in plastic moulds, can reduce the man-hours required for die polishing and assembling. 

Aluminium extrusion dies are produced with high dimensional tolerances and excellent machined surfaces.


“Overall performance is very good for all our requirements”

Power Steering – Sept 2016

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